Home page of Rahul Siddharthan

Bienvenue. The above image is supposed to be my name, Rahul Siddharthan; if you don't quite see that, try looking at it in a mirror.

This is my out-of-date personal homepage, and I may not update it again. However, I now maintain a blog. Take at bedtime, with a pinch of salt.

I will try, also, to keep my official homepage more up-to-date.

Here you will find the following at present; the future is uncertain.

Pictures of nature

Mainly from the hills and forests of south India.
But also, pictures of hills from France and pictures of miscellany from all over.

How the Grinch stole Hinduism

A comment on the right wing in India today.

The Profit

excerpts from the masterpiece by Kehlog Albran. And a few words on what this all time classic is doing here.