The Profit, the book

The Author is deeply indebted to Martin A. Cohen and Sheldon Shacket for conceiving this book, writing it and drawing the pictures. Naturally, any mistakes, errors or omissions are the Author's own.

The Author also suggests that, because the twelve original illustrations are very difficult to understand, you don't waste your time trying.

So says the long out-of-print thin paperback edition of this book, published by Price/Stern/Sloan in 1973.

Sections of it have been floating around as fortune cookies and in other forms since time immemorial (or since the 1970s, which is the same thing to me).

There used to be an abridged version on the web, at, which is still indexed on many search engines and linked to by numerous other sites; however, it no longer seems to exist.

The version here is based on the moonboy version, with a few additions. I trust Mr Albran will not object to this violation of his copyright, since the book is so hard to find otherwise, and especially since, being preserved in shellac, he is incapable of expressing strong emotion today.


If you're the author, original publisher or otherwise copyright owner, I'd be especially interested to hear from you. If you decide that I'm violating your copyright by putting it up, I'll take it down. I expect, in return, a free copy, after its rapid publication, of the de-fossilized Mr Albran's forthcoming masterpiece, a sweet tale from the Arabian desserts tentatively titled "The Profiterolle".

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